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James Rouse is more than a keynote speaker; he's a master at creating and leading transformative presentations. With magnetic charisma and a powerful message, he captivates your audience instantly. His heartfelt stories merge science with spirituality, inspiring, empowering, and educating enhancing communication skills and enriching lives. With passion, he ignites motivation, propelling success and fulfillment.

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Dr. James Has Spoken Alongside...

Sir Richard Branson
Shaquille O'Neal
Arnold Schwarzenegger

As well as Dr. Mehmet Oz, Seth Godin, Robin Sharma, Steve Wozniak, Darren Hardy, Dr. Daniel Amen, Russel Simmons, Dr. Travis Stork, Greg Wells, Jean Houston, Don Miguel Ruiz, Greg Louganis, India.Arie, Diane Nyad, Marianne Williamson, Arielle Ford, Verne Harnish, and many more.

Past Media

The Human Grace Project

Emmy Award-Winning Series

Denver7 partnered with Dr. James Rouse, a renowned naturopathic doctor, in an initiative called The Human gRace Project, which was designed to give you tools to help lessen stress and cope with the chaos of modern life.

This endeavor seamlessly integrated elements of science, spirituality, and personal growth to infuse your week with an abundance of positivity and tranquility. The Human gRace Project served as a soothing antidote to the relentless demands of our high-speed, perpetually connected world, offering practical solutions to alleviate the ceaseless concerns about finances, traffic, family well-being, personal growth, and safety. In 2022 The Human gRace Project was awarded a Heartland Emmy Award for best Lifestyle Program. 

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James is your ideal choice for an unforgettable experience at
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Live Events

A master of transformation, James captivates audiences globally with his magnetic charisma and powerful storytelling that merges science with spirituality.  His passion ignites motivation, helping individuals and organizations break through obstacles, cultivate leadership, and achieve unparalleled success.

Private Events

Having James at your private event guarantees a unique and impactful experience. He tailors his presentation to your needs, inspiring personal growth and motivation. James is your key to an unforgettable event that resonates with your audience and sparks positive change.

Traditional Media

James effortlessly navigates the diverse landscape of media outlets, showcasing his exceptional versatility. Whether it's the dynamic world of television, the resonating airwaves of radio, the visually captivating pages of print magazines, or the immersive realm of podcasts, James consistently shines as an engaging and magnetic presence.

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Dr. James Has Spoken For...

Amy's Kitchen
Arrow Electronics
Bombard Electric
Boulder Velo
California Dairy
Celiac Sprue Association
Centura Health
Centers for Spiritual Living
Chambers of Commerce
Cirbo Financial Services
Cisco Systems
City and County of Broomfield
Case Management Society of America
Colorado Mountain College
Colorado State Foster Parent Association
Coors Brewing Company
DPI Specialty Foods

Environmental Protection Agency
EPI- Moducare
Epilepsy Foundation
Financial Energy Times
Greenwood Athletic/Pura Vida Spa
Healthy Options/Vitamer
State Farm Insurance
Human Touch
Institute for Financial Planning UK
Jefferson County Administrators
King Soopers/Kroger
KUTV Salt Lake City
Laramie County Community College
McFadden Benefits
Natural Products Association

Ball Aerospace
Nexgen Pharma
Robin Sharma Enterprises
ON Semiconductor
Phoenix Fire Department
Wynn Resorts
Premiere Speakers Bureau
Young Presidents Organization (YPO)
Publix Markets
Red Rocks Community College
RMC Women's Physician Group
Sedona World Wisdom Days
Sheridan College
Snow and Ice Mgmt Association
Van Gilder Insurance
Whitewave Foods/Horizon
Yellowtail Financial
Mile Hi Church

"Dr. James Rouse is a powerful speaker and teacher. He is one of the most inspired and inspiring individuals I have ever met. The mixture of his extraordinary health knowledge base and contagious joy invites people to step up and claim their health."

Cynthia James
Author, Speaker, Teacher

"Dr. James Rouse is one of those very special people who can move us to rise up to our absolute best…"

Robin Sharma
Bestselling Author

"I was so moved by working with Dr. James personally, that together we created a wellness program that has positively impacted thousands of individuals. Dr. James is an amazing presenter — full of easy-to-understand information and strategies, along with lots of joy, humor, and passion."

Dr. Roger W. Teel
Senior Minister, Mile Hi Church

"Dr. James Rouse does not speak on health on wellness, he LIVES health, vitality, and wellness. He is one of the very unique people that come along and transforms the lives of the audience with education and passion. Dr. James has permanently impacted my life and the lives of my employees. When he was finished speaking everyone was craving to hear more."

Michael Van Gilder
CEO, Vangilder Insurance

"The message & relevance of your talk is personal & allows each person to draw their own conclusion, which is part of the magic. A great speaker leaves the audience thinking & engaging in further contemplation after the talk has ended. You are a master of this. Your talks guide your audience to feeling good. While they are in your audience it is a departure from their previous mental state into a new mental state that you personally elevated to a higher level of joy & satisfaction."

J. Madden
Owner Pura Vida + Greenwood Athletic Club

“Dr James Rouse is an authentic, inspirational force of nature that gets people thinking and feeling in ways that support their desire to change…He is gifted at educating and truly moving people to embrace his simple yet true philosophy: we are all in charge of our thoughts and choices…Dr James offers a rousing call to action for all who desire more energy, health and happiness."

Ellen Feeney
White Wave VP Responsible Livelihood

Why Should You hire James to Speak?

Here are 3 Great Reasons


Mastery of Transformation

James is a renowned expert in the art of transformation, having successfully guided numerous organizations and individuals through significant change and growth. His deep mastery of transformational strategies and techniques equips your company or team with invaluable insights to navigate change effectively and achieve new heights.


Inspiring Cultural Shifts

With a focus on purpose-driven leadership and a visionary approach, James empowers audiences to drive positive cultural shifts within their organizations. His compelling message helps foster a culture of purpose, unity, and innovation, resulting in increased engagement and productivity among your team members.


Visionary Guidance for a Brighter Future

James' unique blend of wisdom and vision paints a compelling picture of what's possible for your company or team. By tapping into his insights and forward-thinking perspectives, you'll gain a roadmap for shaping a brighter future, fostering innovation, and achieving your organization's long-term goals.

Ready? Let's Begin.

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Official Bio of
Dr. James

With a deep passion for inspiring self-mastery and empowering individuals to lead their best lives, Dr. James Rouse has dedicated his career to helping people achieve vibrant health, positive cultural impact, and a renewed sense of purpose. James is not only a highly respected doctor, successful entrepreneur, high performance coach, and Emmy award-winning artist, he is also an engaging educator who has touched the lives of countless individuals on multiple continents. His extensive background and knowledge, combined with compassion, has made him a sought-after speaker and consultant in the fields of transformative leadership, mastery, and high performance.  James embraces a holistic approach that integrates science, spirituality, functional medicine, fitness, mindfulness, and self-care to create a harmonious balance between body, mind, and spirit. Through his groundbreaking insights, he has helped people unlock their full potential and achieve optimal health from the inside out.

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