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James Rouse is an award-winning author known for his expertise in the realm of motivation, high-performance, and self-mastery. With a notable bibliography, he has consistently inspired readers to better themselves and lead more fulfilling lives. James covers a diverse range of topics, offering practical advice, motivational insights, and strategies for personal growth.

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DIEM is a transformative journey into the heart of self-discovery and holistic well-being. This empowering guide navigates the depths of our daily practices, offering insight into the profound connection between our physical, mental, and spiritual realms.

Through sharing my personal story,  the embrace of intentional rituals, the nurturing power of nutrition and lifestyle, and the wisdom of Stoic philosophy, DIEM unveils a path to awaken our true potential.

With every breath, step, and conscious choice, we embark on a pilgrimage to reclaim the essence of our lives, cultivate resilience, and ignite the radiant flame of our own mastery.

Mind Body Life Mastery

Mastery is a dynamic experience of being fully present and proficient with the Now. Now is where you truly connect with your relationships, work, mission, goals, and intentions to create a life you love. Mastery is your commitment to continually growing toward your vision of your best life. Mind Body Life Mastery is "productivity plus so much more." It is about creating a ruckus and becoming a Change Agent in the process.

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Essential Practices

For Living
an Extraordinary Life

The Essential Practices ebook is a tool that, if used daily and diligently, will support you in building the life you came here to build—a life of purpose and passion lived under the influence of practice.

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Think Eat Move Thrive

In Think Eat Move Thrive, Dr. James Rouse and Dr. Debra Rouse offer a simple piece of advice that goes a long way: stop looking at your habits and body as obstacles and start looking within. By replacing quick fixes with mindfulness techniques and simple practices, you’ll feel better immediately and find lifelong wellness.