The Spiritual Brain

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Neuroscientists conducted a study, which was published in Cerebral Cortex on May 29. The study involved inducing "personally relevant" spiritual experiences in a varied group of test subjects. During the experiences, the researchers scanned the subjects' brains. However, accessing the full article requires payment. The study suggests that there is a specific part of the brain that is activated when we experience a sense of connection with something beyond ourselves, such as God, nature, or humanity. This part of the brain is thought to be linked to spirituality.

A practice of self-care gives you permission to feel good about the work at hand. It’s a way of connecting with yourself in a positive and meaningful way. Studies have linked spiritual practices such as prayer, meditation, yoga, and mindfulness to improved mental health, from reducing stress and anxiety to improving concentration. If you’re looking for ways to connect more deeply with your own sense of inner peace and strength, self-care is an excellent place to start.

Self-care can also help you stay connected with your spirituality. Research shows that spiritual practices like prayer, meditation, and yoga can all be beneficial for mental health. Taking the time out of your day to focus on connecting with your higher power or finding inner peace can have a calming effect. Self-care is an important part of any spiritual practice as it helps you stay grounded and in tune with your sense of self. The lightness of the work at hand IS the work at hand.

By taking the time to nurture yourself, you can cultivate a deeper connection with your spiritual side. Taking steps such as meditating or praying for 10 minutes each day can help open up a channel between your physical self and the higher power that guides you. With regular practice, this connection becomes stronger and more meaningful.

Ultimately, self-care can help you feel connected to your spiritual side by providing a time and place for inner reflection and peace. Taking the time each day to nurture yourself and connect with your higher power can have a lasting impact on both your physical and mental health. So give yourself permission to embrace the self-care that will allow you to tap into the depths of your spirituality.

Whatever your practice is, if you connect it with love of self it becomes a spiritual catalyst to heal.


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