Purpose, Service, and Motivation

Ikigai is a Japanese concept that translates to “reason for being” and can be thought of as a way to find purpose, service, and motivation in life. It helps us to identify what we love and are good at so that we can pursue it with passion.

By recognizing our ikigai and embracing it, we can find truth in our being and be moved to share it with others.

Ikigai is both a concept and a tool that encourages us to lean into the meaning of our lives by connecting our values, needs, aspirations, and skills so that we can find purposeful work.

It pays attention to how we interact with our environment and how we can use that to create a meaningful life.

By remembering the ikigai within us, we can unlock our inner potential and be guided by it to make positive changes in the world.

It is through this understanding that we can discover our own ikigai and create an impact on the world that is bigger than ourselves.

Allow your ikigai to guide you in life and spread its truth so that others may find their own ikigai and be empowered too.






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