Occasional Dark Days



What do you do when you have a bad day or going through bad times?

We all have dark days, but we can't just bury ourselves and not pay attention to what's driving our issues.

Beating myself up under the influence of perfectionism is my number one reason to feel down. My antidote is simply allowing myself to be a student. I give myself permission to step back and assume that I'm in a learning process.

Another reason for being down is feeling like I'm not enough. When that happens, I try and practice self efficacy. I become mindful of a thing that I do well and embrace that as a positive action.

When I'm too tired to keep running but too scared to stop, I give myself permission to relax, slow down and sit still. It completely changes the game and allows me to be mindful about everything.

And when I'm just feeling sad, I try to be compassionate and present. I don't run from it and I don't allow myself to over analyse it.

I hope these points help you go through your bad days as well. We all have them, but also there are all these opportunities to overcome them and live a life we love!


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