Keeping Love Alive During Times Like These

Whether we're facing economic uncertainty, geopolitical turmoil, or any sort of adversity, keeping love alive during times like these can feel like an uphill battle. At the same time, though, there are certain things we can do to build oxytocin levels and strengthen our relationship with those we care about. One key is to cultivate a spirit of trust and empathy. By being unconditionally accepting of one another and considering each other's points of view even when we disagree, we can help build feelings of intimacy and connection. Another important step is to show compassion towards each other in difficult moments. Whether it's through warm words or supportive actions, practicing compassion can go a long way in helping us weather tough times together. And finally, perhaps most importantly, it is crucial that we make time for each other amid the chaos of everyday life. Whether this means setting aside dedicated "quality time" for one another every week or simply carving out quiet spaces for talking and listening as needed, prioritizing connection and staying attuned to our partner's needs will help keep love alive through even the toughest periods. With these strategies in place, may our relationships thrive now and always!





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