How Sitting On Your Butt Diminishes Your Life



The latest research from the last 3-4 years shows that spending more than 3 hours a day sitting, we are shortening our life expectancy with about 2 years or even more! Sitting watching television especially and all sedentary things we do contribute to that.

According to the American Collage of Sports Medicine you can turn that back around just by getting up 5 minutes every hour!

During that 5 minutes you can do some short exercises, run in place, anything that activate your circulation and get your groove back on!
Studies show that 3 times a week, 5 minutes of intense physical activity, interval training, can improve our insulin sensitivity, helping lower risks for type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome.

Switch it up to 7 minutes and your serotonin levels improve, your dopamine levels increase and boost your motivation and confidence.

You are a movement maker! You can rock the world and build a wave of wellness, even if others will look strangely at you when you do these 5-7 minutes of intense workout. Ignore that, get up your chair and gain your longevity and happiness in motion!


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