Expressing Vitamin Kindness


I've got a challenge for you! Go out there and give everyone you see, strangers, loved ones, family, no matter who, give them some Vitamin K !

Not the one from the supplements world. The Vitamin K that we are physiologically, emotionally and spiritually designed to express and put forward, the Vitamin K for KINDNESS.

Right now in the world, we have a big Vitamin K deficiency!

Here are 5 powerful physiological reasons why you absolutely need to be part of the kindness movement. When you are expressing kindness:

1. You are releasing something called endogenous opioids- basically dopamine; it's a pain killer, it lowers inflammation, but also it acts like a motivator and it boosts your confidence and your focus.

2. You boost your oxytocin which is the hug hormone - actually being kind to others increase our levels of nitric oxide which acts as a vasodilator so it helps with the blood pressure. You are circulating kindness and also your internal circulation is benefiting.

3. You lower C reactive protein in interleukin 6 - which actually means lowering systemic inflammation. So you live longer and stronger!

4. You close the emotional distance between you and others.

5. Kindness is contagious!


Let's go out and rock the world today! And spread kindness everywhere!


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