As a speaker, my approach is to facilitate engaging and thought-provoking discussions by sharing real-life stories, and the latest science-based healthspan enhancers, while being open and genuine. I am to create an atmosphere of trust, vulnerability, and magic.


James is a highly authentic, energized, and purpose-driven leader. As a naturopathic doctor, entrepreneur, athlete, husband, and father, Dr. James has a personal, clinical, and professional understanding of what it takes to create and sustain an extraordinary life. From Fortune 50 boardrooms to international stages, James has shared his enthusiastic expertise in human potential and his passion for service. James is both a teacher and a student of "what works." His zeal for helping others to realize their potential is contagious. His dedication to kindness and compassion is unsurpassed.

Dr. James has authored 13 books (and counting), including the recently released, Mind Body Life Mastery.


Amy's Kitchen
Arrow Electronics
Bombard Electric
Boulder Velo
California Dairy
Celiac Sprue Association
Centura Health
Centers for Spiritual Living
Chambers of Commerce
Cirbo Financial Services
Cisco Systems
City and County of Broomfield
CMSA (Case Management Society of
Colorado Mountain College
Colorado State Foster Parent
Coors Brewing Company
DPI Specialty Foods
EPA (Environmental Protection
EPI- Moducare
Epilepsy Foundation
FEMA (Federal Emergency
Management Agency)
Financial Energy Times
Greenwood Athletic Club/Pura Vida
Healthy Options/Vitamer

Human Touch
Institute for Financial
Planning/United Kingdom
Jefferson County Administrators
King Soopers/Kroger
KUTV Salt Lake City
Laramie County Community College
Mile Hi Church
Natural Products Association
Ball Aerospace
Nexgen Pharma
Robin Sharma Enterprises
ON Semiconductor
Phoenix Fire Department
Poudre Valley Health System
Premiere Speakers Bureau
Young Presidents Organization (YPO)
Publix Markets
Red Rocks Community College
RMC Women's Physician Networking
Sedona World Wisdom Days
Sheridan College
Snow and Ice Management
Van Gilder Insurance
Whitewave Foods/Horizon
Yellowtail Financial


Dr. James has an extensive list of talks suitable for a wide range of audiences. Most requested Presentations:

  • Thrive: Mastering the Practices of High Performance
  • Self-Care As An Essential Element of Leadership
  • Creating Your Blue Zone
  • The DNA of Human Performance
  • Mind Body Life Mastery
  • Grow Your Business and Your Life From Average to Amazing


Dr. Mehmet Oz, Seth Godin, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Shaquille O’Neal, Robin Sharma, Sir Richard Branson, Darren Hardy, Dr. Daniel Amen, Russel Simmons, Dr. Travis Stork, Greg Wells, Jean Houston, Don Miguel Ruiz, Greg Louganis, India.Arie, Diane Nyad, Marianne Williamson, Arielle Ford, and Verne Harnish.

"Dr. James Rouse is one of those very special people who can move us to rise up to our absolute best…"

Robin Sharma
Bestselling author of The Leader Who Had No Title and The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari

"Dr. James is an amazing speaker. It’s not simply what he says, but the way he says it. He’s a natural communicator who keeps his audience on the edge of their seats for the entire time he is talking….At the annual conference for the Institute of Financial Planning he received unprecedented positive feedback. For the first time ever a keynote speaker is being asked to return the following year – Dr. James is that keynote speaker.”"

Dennis Hall
APFS AIFP MCSI, Chartered Financial Planner, Yellowtail Financial Planning

"Dr. James Rouse is an amazing speaker. His ability to inspire, motivate and be a catalyst for positive lifestyle change is unbelievable. Just being in his presence can change your life. I have worked with him since 2000 and he continues to amaze and inspire me."

Colleen M. Reilly
MSM/MBA, President of Total Well-Being, Aurora, CO

"“Dr James Rouse is an authentic, inspirational force of nature that gets people thinking and feeling in ways that support their desire to change…He is gifted at educating and truly moving people to embrace his simple yet true philosophy: we are all in charge of our thoughts and choices… Dr James offers a rousing call to action for all who desire more energy, health and happiness."

Ellen Feeney
White Wave VP Responsible Livelihood, Broomfield, CO

"The message & relevance of your talk is personal & allows each person to draw their own conclusion, which is part of the magic. A great speaker leaves the audience thinking & engaging in further contemplation after the talk has ended. You are a master of this. Your talks guide your audience to feeling good. While they are in your audience it is a departure from their previous mental state into a new mental state that you personally elevated to a higher level of joy & satisfaction."

J Madden
o3consulting, Owner Pura Vida Club and Greenwood Athletic Club, Denver, CO

"Dr. James has presented to my sales team twice at our National Sales Meetings. He is motivating, inspiring, educational…and fun! He ties product knowledge with better presentation skills and inspirational living, and the sales team uses these new skills many times during the year… We hired Dr. James to travel with us to Asia as a motivational speaker to a very key account and public speaker to their customers. Both the customer and consumer were wowed by his presentations. He has the energy, knowledge and passion to keep his audience’s attention as long as he speaks… We could not ask for more!"

Jane Drinkwalter
Vice President Sales, Vitamer International, Irvine, CA

"I was so moved by working with Dr. James personally, that together we created a wellness program that has positively impacted thousands of individuals. Dr. James is an amazing presenter--full of easy to understand information and strategies, along with lots of joy, humor and passion. His presentations are enriched by his tremendous knowledge in the fields of nutrition, diet, exercise and physiology…You won't find a more effective or powerful teacher in this field."

Dr. Roger W. Teel
Senior Minister and Spiritual Director, Mile Hi Church, Lakewood, CO

"Dr. James Rouse does not speak on health on wellness, he LIVES health, vitality, and wellness. He is one of the very unique people that come along and transforms the lives of the audience with education and passion. Dr. James has permanently impacted my life and the lives of my employees. When he was finished speaking everyone was craving to hear more."

Michael Van Gilder
Chief Executive Officer, Vangilder Insurance, Denver, CO

"Dr. James Rouse is a powerful speaker and teacher. He is one of the most inspired and inspiring individuals I have ever met. The mixture of his extraordinary health knowledge base and contagious joy invites people to step up and claim their health. James has an amazing way of celebrating life and sharing the infinite possibilities that a healthy and vibrant life can bring."

Cynthia James
Author, Speaker, Teacher

Hire Dr. James to Speak

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I believe that everyday you are blessed with the wisdom to leverage your connection to high performance and leadership and put into action positive selfcare. Choosing to be a proactive participant in your happiness, well-being, and success while standing in your creative power can be truly transformational.

Over the past twenty years I have had the privilege to present to a multitude of diverse audiences and organizations. I have coached individuals and companies in overcoming significant challenges. I have worked with C-level executives in helping to create a unique and thriving company environment and culture. My mission is not only to help grow your business, but to transform the lives of your people.

My commitment to you is that I will communicate a meaningful message that is geared for your company’s distinct needs. My intention is to deliver not just motivation and inspiration, but extraordinary long-lasting results.

Be well. Be your best.


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